+16 with the 'Big 6'|16.12.12

The Bank of Nova Scotia

M&R Management, CEMR Group’s greatest management addition; has been offered with a Project Management contract for one of the 'Big 6'.

‘Scotiabank’, the Canadian bank with more international presence, has offered, in 1996, our partner M&R Management the position to manage the financial institution's projects, nationwide and internationally.

Being in charged for over 16 years of a wide variety of projects including: Management of Construction and Projects' Design, Re-branding, Technology, Banking Machines Installations, RFPs and Budgets Management of an average of $4 MM per year, just last year (2011) M&R Management has also successfully managed the largest project in the bank history.


Source: CEMR Group archives (Data from 1996-2012).


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