The CEMR Creative is the imaginative division of our Group, the one our clients rely on for creative, inspirational and unique, as well as functional and marketable design solutions.

With worldwide experience in marketing, design and production management, the CEMR Creative team approach lies on the very basics of listening and understanding your ideas and making them real.

The CEMR Creative root of services contrasts between Graphic Design, Corporate Image, Sales and Marketing proposals through Architectural, Interior Design and Construction solutions among Video and Film production. Supported by not only creative and imaginative individuals, the CEMR Creative team counts with professionals in all the above outlined fields, to ensure that the most appealing concepts will also comply with functionality and regulations.


• HOW we Work
The CEMR Group creative division

Have you ever dreamed about a building, a new brand or perhaps a video show? The CEMR Creative team leverages its experience within this combined set of 3 core fields to make your idea come true.

Working in a continuous combination with the CEMR Creative marketing & sales team, always towards the promotion and marketing of your project or product within the most innovative and appealing concepts, versatile plan developments and strategic packages, the additional 2 units of the CEMR Creative lead your project through the best practices on Creation and Production fields, towards the increase of the value of our clients’ brands, and yes indeed, your business profit or product sales.



The CEMR Creative design team has been developing experience for more than 14 years in the North-American, Latin-American and Caribbean as well as Middle East markets.

A diversified development within the most prestigious companies in their areas has combined an assorted portfolio of projects and experiences around the world, assisting projects in a wide range of sectors including: commercial; industrial; financial; hotel and residential; institutional; hospitality and mixed-use developments; small retail and interior design renovations; corporate offices; large-scale touristic and urban planning developments.

Our design capabilities integrate an ample and global source of services, including but not limited:


City Planning

Interior Design

 Furniture Design

Construction Drawings

As-Built Surveys

Space Improvement


Building Permits

Code Compliance




Video|Film Production

Graphic Design


Web + Blogs



Social Media




On the Production side of the creation, CEMR Creative brings to its table video production and technical management expertise by associating with independent talent experienced in worldwide cinematographic production, providing to our clients the option to bring projects to an even more active and living notion.

The CEMR Creative production team addresses our clients’ needs by finding creative solutions, developing technical systems and surpassing logistical challenges.

Our philosophy of communication without boundaries, guides CEMR Creative into an approach through comprehensible and visual communication, including but not limited, layouts, sketches, modeling and presentations, as exceptional tools to successfully reach each client concept.


The CEMR Creative, it is your project ‘right-side’ solution !!! Start your project today.