The CEMR Financial, the analytical division of our Group, engaging your capacity to plan, provides you strategic advice so you can manage your budget by making the right investments.

Represented by real people with real budgets, the CEMR Financial is the approach for today’s society seeking for a practical and right-to-the-point advice. As part of our commitment to help you lead your project into successful realization, we also help you to build that required suitable budget.

Regardless the stage you find yourself in, the CEMR Financial team accommodates our insightful analysis to your needs by bringing an outside perspective to your budget that allows us to objectively assess your project and identify key pointers.


The CEMR Group financial division

• HOW we Work

Our approach spreads along two interconnected wings:

  • Project budget builder, by assessing the financial needs for that particular project and helping you to build and manage your budget; and,
  • Investment adviser, by providing advice on smart money allocations that will lead to more successful upcoming projects.


• For your PROJECT

At the CEMR Financial project team we ensure that you are spending your money wisely in accordance to a meticulously designed budget. Focused on our client’s financial protection we simply implement a core of analytical and practical key strategies based on continuous tracking and forecasting, guarantying the control of your budget and prevention of cost overruns.

A flexible and customizable response allows CEMR Financial project team to clearly fulfill each client’s needs by developing an extensive resource of activities, well-structured and yet adaptable to each project, that includes the perfect amalgamation of the project budget practice, including but not limited:


Resources Allocation


Funding Requirements

Cost Control

Risk Management


Return on Investments

Activities & Initiatives

Supply Chain Management



Stock Control

Distribution & Warehousing

Billing Control

Progress Reporting

Tracking & Monitoring

Performance Review



In addition, driven by the deem of budget conscious starting ‘at home’ and that, when it comes to your finances, with knowledge comes power, CEMR Financial strongly believes that, whether you are an small supplier planning to do a home renovation or you form part of the executive team of a major international roll-out, learning how to save your own money and where to allocate investments would benefit that project budget control.

This is the goal of CEMR Financial investment team, to contribute with your learning process. Conducted by real people that prepare their own taxes, control their own budgets and manage their own investments, we have a fully contained point of view that allow us to provide a realistic advice based on our real and proven experience, offering one-to-one personalized financial advice within customized strategies and a comprehensive communication system, that will induce you through the basic steps to start or improve your finances.

The CEMR Financial investment team has a long trajectory of independent investment and disciplined financial analysis focused on stock equities from daily to long-investment trading.


The CEMR Financial, it is your project ‘left-side’ advisor !!! Start your project today.


For personalized financial tips & tools to learn how to drive your investments with confidence through the road to success write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Disclaimer: While we are committed to provide you with honest analysis and techniques, CEMR Group or any of its employees is not a registered investment adviser; therefore we enforce you to use your own discretion and caution before taking any decision based on the information provided. Any final decision is done at your own risk and in fully agreement that CEMR Group, or any of its divisions, does not hold any responsibility or liaison and will not compensate on any loss/inconvenience/damage you may suffer because of/while making use of the information provided.