About Us

CEMR Group (Creative Enterprise Management Resources) is an international integrated network of resources and professionals from a comprehensive variety of industries, focused in providing a creative response for your Business and Projects Development via Creative, Financial and Managerial Solutions, customized to your needs, leading your projects through the road to a Successful Completion !

Focusing on client satisfaction and project value, CEMR Group key objective in every scenario is to work on behalf of our clients, addressing their needs within a customizable approach, but with always a common goal in mind: Save your Time and Save your Money!



The CEMR Group, formed as a result of more than 2 decades of successful project development and an integrated and growing worldwide network, combining local expertise with international experience, has been outlined by 3 main core units:


CEMR ManagementCEMR CreativeCEMR Financial


Thanks to this collective approach, today, the CEMR Group portfolio combines:

  • More than 28 years of successful project management
  • Over 4500 projects completed across the country and internationally
  • More than 14 years of diverse Architectural & Engineering Design and Consultancy experience
  • Expertise in project planning, implementation & control from conception to completion
  • Efficient budget management & cost control practices that guarantee savings and risk mitigation
  • Cross-cultural markets expertise including North-American, Latin-American and Caribbean Islands.
  • In-house marketing and strategic sales plans development
  • International Cinematographic Production practice, Digital Marketing and Video Promotion practice
  • A growing interconnected Network, online and offline
  • Multifaceted experience in a variety of industry fields, including: Financial; IT & Technology; Commercial & Retail; Corporate & Office; Foodservice; Entertainment; Design, Marketing & Sales; Residential; Hospitality & Mixed-use, among others.


• Our TEAM

At CEMR Group we believe the best asset of our portfolio is our team, the result of a passion and capabilities perfect blend between certified, experienced and long-trajectory professionals with young-minded and eager team players, the fundamental fusion to better serve our clients, making CEMR Group a suitable addition to any project team.

The CEMR Group network

But it is our capacity to interconnect internationally that allows CEMR Group to provide to each one of our clients an effective response without boundaries of field, language, or even geographical location.


Our strategy of flexibility and communication, nurtures our daily growth, even up to an inner point in each one of our individuals and partners, always open to an even broader reach, grounding a stronger resources network where to support our clients on, everywhere and anywhere required.

This CEMR Group network encompasses from North to South America, including Caribbean Islands, providing a reliable and professional service also in Spanish, French or Polish.


Let CEMR Group help you, start your project today.