A ‘Green’ Commitment|28.03.14

CEMR joins the Earth Hour

Just hours away from the most important ‘Hour’ of the planet Earth, CEMR Group and all our international team invite you to join hundreds of millions of activists across the world to participate of the most iconic global movement pro-environment, the Earth Hour.

The Earth Hour, a worldwide campaign for the planet which consists in turning the lights off for an hour, is organized every year by the World Wide Fund for Nature to raise awareness on environmental impact and climate change.

Just like the famous motto adopted by Architect Mies van der Rohe, “Less is More”; the Earth Hour aims to attain with little effort a more sustainable impact by raising awareness that would turn -and it already has- into beyond-the-hour commitments with our planet. Buildings are reducing their carbon footprint, millions of trees are being planted, hectares of seas are being protected against pollution...and the change doesn’t end there!

What began as a simple hour action in Sydney, Australia only seven years ago has quickly attracted global interest, including the participation of major landmarks across the globe such as the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Times Square, Las Vegas Strip, Niagara Falls and of course the CN Tower, which along many others have succumbed their iconic structures into darkness to celebrate their commitment to the planet.


At CEMR Group our commitment goes also beyond the sixty-minutes pledge engaging every day in waste and ecological footprint reduction throughout our supply chain and business operation.


Not convinced yet? Then please take only sixty seconds to watch the Earth Hour 2014 official video and use your power to make change a reality!

When: This Saturday, March 29th between 8:30-9:30pm (local time).

Where: Everywhere across the World...at your home, office, vacation retreat, etc.

Who: Everyone is welcome...your family, friends, neighbours...and that coffee shop owner you don’t know his name yet. This is the chance!!!


Make this 2014 Earth Hour not only a commitment to the planet but a memorable sixty minutes full of creativity, fun and meditation. For more information visit www.earthhour.org.


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